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As you can see, not all roles are being auditioned. This is due to time. These are lovely cameo roles that I shall either audition or assign at a later date. Again I must warn you, it is likely we will cut a lot of the auditions as soon as we have heard enough. Please do not read anything into this, in order for us to complete auditions we have no choice. Good luck everybody, I apologise upfront if you have to hang around we will try our best. Please stay until you are asked to leave.

Rita and Connie 10am
Eddies 10.45
Sandra,Beryl,Cass, Clare, Rita, dancers Carrie and Glynis 11.10
Barbara’s for ideal world 11.35
Clare’s for wossaname 12.00
All Beryl’s, Sandra’s, Cass, and Clare’s + Rita’s 12.20
Harold and Barbara 12.45
Harold song
All men. Made in Dagenham 1.30
All men dance
Lisa and Hopkins 2.00
Monty 2.20
Tooley song and words 2.30
Cortina 3.00
Mr Buckton/Hubble/Macer 3.10
All Children 3.15


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