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Following successful auditions for Last Tango In Whitby we can now reveal the cast list.

Jimmy – Graham Puttock
Joan – Glynis Hunt
Henry – Kenny Sayer
Kathleen – Kay Briggs
Jessie – Karen Long
Pat – Lynda Phillips
Maureen – Helen Jackson
Alice – Jean Davies
Edie – Katie Hawkes
Driver/Jet/Gino – Will Woolsgrove
Phil – Peter Hawkes
Edna – Pauline Phoenix
Clare – Vicky Hyland
Debbie – Rosa Ledden
Mrs Mingham – Victoria Roat-Moye
Sally – Cass Fisher
John – Louis Lee Warner
Honeymooners – Matt & Zoe Bendall

Congratulations to all those who were cast and good luck with rehearsals!

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